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Sunday, August 01, 2004

New Inventions

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  • I guess it was a bad initial start, as a newbieloger! I got onto another original tracking. Here is a copy also posted under the "Perth" original.

    I am a retired scientist/"perfesser", and fairly successful inventor, I think. It has already made me, and my family, richer financially than any thinking animal should be. So, as they say, "I've been there, done that!"

    But, having gotten a little bored with retirement, I went back on a nice little award (no money, just academic 'prestige') to my old University, part time, for a couple of years -- because I had a long long time technical puzzle in my area (image science), that nobody successfully solved for at least 25 years, maybe more. Amazingly, the muses of invention were visiting me again (although they are a lot slower now than they were 30-40 years ago), and finally the "problem" got solved.

    I discovered, finally, how to create the absolute statistically optimized image (a very general term -- image) from troublesome data that is seriously perturbed by random-error noise and by systematic-error distortions.

    I submitted a partial disclosure to the University of Wisconsin a year or so ago, before I had as good a handle on it as now, and they "declined to pursue it", returning rights to me, on the grounds that I did not actually have a "laboratory reduction to practice". The successful invention that I bragged about earlier was also to UW (23 years ago) and was about MRI technology, so naturally I could not produce a working lab reduction to practice in my own little labs -- however, it still set an all time record at the UW for the most royalty income for a single invention. The tiny fraction trickle I received back for my assignement actually soon became greater than my cumulative university teacher's salaries.

    For a while I was just happy to have the intellectual satisfaction, but this is a very deep area of almost mystic work for some, and the ideas have become like my children to me. I want to see them out in the world and succeeding. Without the big university Foundation resources I have no hope of making the essential "market contact", and most of my former colleages and coworkers have all, unfortumately, died off or are in nursing homes -- so I am an old dinosaur fossil that just moves a little bit, and who would take that beast seriously?

    I would just love to see some commentary about what directions I could take with a fairly deep-theory invention whose basis is so general that I have a hard time telling non-tech people about it.

    this blog name came from the old days in "nuclear spin" MRI work, when people knew my name.

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  • i am Happy

    By Blogger Tanveer Hussain, at 10:51 AM  

  • i am Happy

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